Teaching Children to Ride a Tricycle

Riding a tricycle is a complicated skill that requires strength, balance, coordination, motor planning, and body awareness. There are many components to the act of tricycle kids trike, including climbing on and off, initiation of movement, fluid forward motion, pedaling, and steering!

Many times we recommend beginning with a riding toy. Before children are able to utilize tricycle either due to their size or their skill set, or a combination of the two, a riding toy can be a great piece of equipment to practice climbing on and off, forward movement and steering/navigating around obstacles. Find a toy that meets your needs as well as your child’s. It is important to ensure the proper fit of the riding toy for each child.

When shopping for a Riding Toy keep in mind:

Seat Width: A narrow seat is preferred so that child learns to move legs forward with narrower base of support.

Seat Height: Child’s feet should be flat on floor with hips and knees bent approximately 45 degrees.

Handlebars: The ideal riding toy is equipped with handlebars to allow child opportunity to learn to steer and negotiate obstacles.

Rear Wheels: Assess the distance between the seat and the rear wheels. Make sure your child’s feet will not hit the rear wheels when they push off.

Our Favorite Riding Toys Include:
Little Tikes Go and Grow Giraffe: Offers adjustable seat, steering and wide front wheel base for stability as child gains strength and stability!

Skip Hop 3 in 1: Fun and engaging ride on toy which can be easily converted from riding toy, to push toy & even to scooter as child grows!

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn: Low seat allows for child to easily climb on and off. Also doubles as walking toy, encouraging pull to stand and supported stepping.