Recording Feature Film Sound Single Handed

I was tested to record and blend all sounds for a Low Budget Feature with no help, no exchange substitution (ADR) and no spending limit for a Post Production blend! The film was shot more than 15 days on 16mm Film in troublesome areas in and around London with time consistently against us.

Here is the way I did it…

I utilized a Sound Devices 788t Hard Disk recorder recording a Polywave of 8 tracks

o Track1 was a post blur exchange blend

o Track 2 was a post blur best shotgun mic

o Tracks 3+4 were for stereo fx and vibe

o Tracks 5 through 8 were pre blur ISO’s of my 4 radio mics which could be either discourse or fx relying upon scene.

Recording this way, tracks 1 and 2 would head out to the lab for dailies. Tracks 3 to 8 would be immaculate until the image alter.

Track 1 was commonly an equalization of my radio mics which I blended live as I had no blast operation. I utilized 4 Audio 2020 radio mics with Tram TR50 microphones sustained into 2 SQN blenders. This gave each radio mic its very own limiter on the SQN for an edge of security. These thus sustained into the 788 where I blended a parity on the CL8 fader module.

Track 2 was generally a shotgun mic attempting to do what a blast operation would do from a fixed position. On the off chance that this was preposterous it was only a mono blend of tracks 3&4

Tracks 3&4 were Sennheiser MKH416’s catching room tone and vibe.

My hypothesis was that on the off chance that I didn’t nail the discourse blend live I’d have an iso record of each mic to return to. The possibility of the shotgun was to have the option to “open up” the sound as radio mics can sound excessively tight in certain situations as I would see it. The fx mics would give me room tone to fill any holes come the altar. When the film was finished the photos were amassed alongside the poly wavs in FinalCut.

The disconnected editorial manager quieted tracks 3 to 8 and cut the photos and polywavs adjusting to the clapper board. At the point when the image alter was finished the session was sent out as an OMF bundle for me to bring into Nuendo for a sound alter. I experienced the film tuning in to track1, the exchange blend as a beginning stage.