How to Hack WhatsApp Without Access to Target Phone

Suppose you don’t have access to a smartphone and someone ask you to hack WhatsApp account active on that phone, most probably you will say it is impossible to do, but here we are telling you that it is possible now. Condition is that your reason to hack WhatsApp should be genuine and legal. Hacking someone’s phone and ethical-hacking are two totally different tasks, one is legal and second is illegal.

We described in our previous articles some reasons of hacking a WhatsApp account. Some needy parents do this job to secure their children and employers do it to make their business productive. It is not illegal with the consent of target person. This way, you can also clear your doubts with your loved ones by reading their instant messengers’ chats. It will give you solace and will make your bonds stronger. But hacking may also have some negative effects, so you should do it gently without any illegal mean.

Hack WhatsApp Without Access to Target Phone

When you decide to hack a cell phone, you must know the operating system of target cell phone. Major operating systems are iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Nokia Symbian or Windows. Here we are telling you about each OS hack step by step.

iOS ( iPhone and iPad )
If target device is an iPhone or iPad, it is very simple to read their chat and hack WhatsApp messenger. Also you can spy their photos, videos and audio shared through WhatsApp. For this you only need Apple ID credentials of the target device at all, if you can capture these credentials that means you can hack their WhatsApp. Followings are the steps:

Purchase WhatsApp spy app for iOS
Goto their control panel
Fill these Apple ID credentials
Finally get all data of target device on your online dashboard
Note: In case of iOS monitoring, we recommend mSpy Spy Software, because it can be installed on target iPhone and iPad without physical access i.e. remotely.

In this case, you don’t require physical access of the target device. This can be achieved remotely and complete data of target device can be seen by you remotely without knowing the target person.