Get The Most From Your Sandpaper

OK, you have just spent a lot of time sawing, fitting, and gluing your woodworking project and it is now time to make it look good. Today I’m going to try to cut through some pros and cons about orbital sanders and sandpaper, so let’s get started to schuurpapier kopen.

First off the hot orbital sanders right now are the round ones using round sticky back sandpaper. I find a lot of cons and very few pros if any about them. Number one you have to buy round sticky back paper, let me tell you this paper is not cheap compared to most sandpaper. Second the sticky back round paper comes with holes punched through it so the dust can be sucked up, sounds neat, but here is the problem with it, you are sanding your project and you snag a sharp point on your work in one of the holes and it rips your paper or breaks off a peace of your project, not good.

Let’s get down to the round orbital sanders, as the name implies, the head of the sander is round, so what. Well I don’t know about you but I have never seen a round square corner so unless you like hand sanding all your square corners then a round orbital is not for you.

Now my favorite is the quarter sheet sanders, what is a quarter sheet sander. A regular sheet of sandpaper measures nine inches by ten and three quarters inches, you just fold and cut into four equal peaces that will all fit your sanders pad, this is the cheapest sandpaper you can get. These sanders don’t use sticky back paper they have clamps to hold the paper on the pad, simple old school stuff. These sanders have a square pad so they sand square corners, how about that.

I am now going to let you in on a secret that the manufactures don’t tell you about. I figured this out one day when I was sanding with my orbital sander and not getting anywhere fast, the only thing I was doing fast was going through sandpaper. I happened to pick up my old wooden sanding block and started to sand at about 70 strokes per minute. It’s sanding faster and better than my 22000 strokes per minute orbital sander was doing. Now I am not a rocket scientist but if slower is better, then why not go slower. So I go get my router speed controller that has been sitting in the drawer for years without much use, I plug my sander into it and turn the speed to low and I start sanding, it really worked. You will find that you get a lot more mileage out of your sandpaper, you won’t believe it. You will have much less sanding dust thrown into the air, just like when you are hand sanding. You can buy these speed controllers at any good tool place for twenty to forty dollars, well worth the prices.

That’s it for now I will get into how to sand your woodworking projects in another article soon, thank you so much for reading and following my articles.