Financial Astrology

When you enter into a partnership whether it is a romantic, marriage, or business partnership you will be wise to see if your partner’s planets have got some favorable aspects to your money planet. This is where financial astrology can assist you because this will strongly influence your relationship.

When we look at financial astrology we have to take into consideration that each planet has its own individual meaning and some planets are more powerful than others depending on how they are in aspect to the other money planets in the 3rd house astrology chart.

To give you an idea of how each planet will influence financial astrology I will present a list of the planet but first a bit about the Sun and the Moon. If your Sun is in one of your financial houses it will imply that you will derive a lot of pleasure in your skill to make money. The Moon in your financial houses indicate that you may be very emotional about making money and because you put so much feelings into it you will be very good at earning money but maybe also a bit anxious around security.

Financial astrology and the planet Mercury in your money house will give you a tendency to think a lot about the way you earn your money. This might very well be through some form of communication or the transport business.

Venus in one of your money houses, which by the way is the second and eight house in your horoscope, will indicate that it is important for you to enjoy what you do if you have to be successful in making money. Artistic talents or the entertaining area will probably charm your way through.

Mars in one of your financial astrology houses will suggest that you are keen to put a lot of energy and force into making money and you are eager to battle along to get where you want to go. Jupiter in one of the financial astrology houses is a very fortunate position to have in your chart. This is the “Happy go Lucky” planet and if you have this planetary position you will be optimistic about the way you make money and will most probably be successful in your trade.

Saturn in one of your financial astrology houses will suggest that you are ambitions and willing to work hard to reach your goal so you can feel secure. Uranus in this position will give you an original streak in your nature and have the ability to come up with some imaginative and inventive ideas that you might be able to cash in on.

When Neptune in this financial astrology position you will be able to benefit from your inspiration, art, oil and the liquor business for your moneymaking. Pluto here indicate that you are strong and resourceful in the way you choose to make your money.