6 Different Types of USB Cables

The USB cable is a general norm and utilized for associating electronic or PC peripherals. This widespread cable has supplanted a wide scope of connectors from an earlier time, including midi ports, mouse ports, DB9 sequential and equal ports. The USB cable assists with disentangling the whole procedure of associating a mouse, hard drive, console, or screen to PC without waiting and being worried about discovering explicit cables for each bit of equipment.

Here are a couple of the various kinds of USB cables:


The USB-Mini is a littler variant of the standard cable and a reasonable decision for associating the versatile gadgets. It is helpful for equipment like cameras and MP3 players. This sort is seldom utilized in present day tech and supplanted by the USB Micro.

USB Micro

The USB Micro is the favored decision for associating memory sticks, streak drives, or like the most recent cell phones. It can peruse information without depending on a PC.


The USB 3 cable is a fast and adaptable alternative. It is planned with in reverse similarity to make it simple to use with the early USB ports and cables. There is a slight change looking like the connector pins to make it progressively tough and ready to face rehashed use. Likewise, there is additionally a USB 3 small scale cable that is worked with more pins to make it progressively effective at moving information.


The USB-A will be a favored decision for utilizing electrical plugs or PCs. It has various utilizations including information move, associating gadgets to PCs or charging gadgets. This kind of cable must be associated in one manner.


The USB-B is the most common sense decision for interfacing an outer hard drive or printer to a PC. This kind of USB cable isn’t exceptionally normal.


The USB-C is probably the most recent improvement to effectively interface gadgets. This cable is refreshing for its powerful stream and rapid information move. Likewise, the cable is reversible for more prominent adaptability being used.

With such a wide scope of USB cables, it is fundamental to investigate the various choices to ensure you have the correct one to coordinate the particular equipment or additional items. Additionally, it is essential to abstain from interfacing inappropriate cables or endeavoring capricious associations since this has the danger of making harm to your equipment.